Green Friendly

We only have one earth, so we better start taking care of it

Our guest house’s mission is to reduce the use of plastic and disposable products in favour of plastic free materials that allow us to safeguard the environment.
A purifier placed under the sink and equipped with its own faucet provides guests with drinking water, further purified and decalcified, which they can use with the glass bottle they will find in their room.
All the single portion foods for breakfast and their packaging have also been eliminated.
The guest house also embraces the “paperless” philosophy. All files, bookings, law documents etc. are only virtual and are not printed.

We have applied a “no waste” philosophy also to the furnishings: these are a mix of new furniture and other pieces recovered from the previous management, readapted with a touch of modernity. The result is a stylish, casual chic and welcoming environment.
In favour of energy saving, the BaboonRoom also renounces the minibar in the rooms and encourages the use of the large fridge in the common area.
To reduce the impact of professional industrial washing of linen on the environment, the change of sheets and towels will only take place when requested by customers.

Repetita iuvant: we have only one earth, we better start taking care of it!

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